If any news professionals still doubt the impact on news of social-media services like Twitter — as in, “How could something like Twitter ever compete with professional, high-quality news reports by reputable media outlets?” — then I’ll point them to the following quote from a Huffington Post report on the recent London riots, “Tottenham Riots: David Cameron Recalls Parliament During Ongoing Crisis“:

What are your thoughts?


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One Response to Twitter as main news source during a crisis

  1. EdH says:

    An isolated case of an individual using Twitter as a news source does not establish a trend or even an interesting data point. I look at it from the other direction – Twitter as a provider of content to other consolidated news sources that provides a full range of points of view on demand. Much like RIM provides a Blackberry with a consolidated, customizable social network tool, Tweets should be considered something like individual votes at a polling place for current events. Put them all together to get a full, rich picture.

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