Student instructions: Public Insight Network

You’ve found the page with instructions to use the Public Insight Network, for University of Colorado Boulder students enrolled in Journalism & Mass Communication and/or who work for the CU Independent. JMC and the CUI are PIN academic partners.

 Step 1: Consult with a JMC “PIN analyst” 
If you haven’t used the Public Insight Network before while at CU, either consult with the faculty member who assigned you to use PIN for a reporting project, or a JMC program PIN analyst for guidance. If you’re already familiar with the process, skip to Step 2.

PIN analysts are faculty or staff of JMC who have been trained and approved to access privacy-sensitive areas of the system. We will keep this page updated as additional people are trained as PIN analysts and can help you. Current PIN analysts are:

 Step 2: Understand the PIN source privacy rules 
Maintaining our status as a Public Insight Network academic partner means following PIN’s rules, especially regarding privacy of sources’ data. Before proceeding, read and understand what’s covered in the PIN FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

 Step 3: Submit a request form 
Fill out the PIN submission request form, on which you will explain specifically what you’re looking for in terms of sources, and/or write a request that relevant potential sources will receive as an e-mail message. (The form is self-explanatory.) … Go to the PIN request form

 Step 4: Await your search results 
If you’ve asked for a search to identify relevant sources based on specific criteria, a PIN analyst will run the search on your behalf and e-mail you the results, for use in your reporting.

 Step 5: Await your responses from willing sources 
If your PIN query includes sending out an e-mail to a group of targeted people with requests for answers to your questions, or requests to be contacted by sources willing to communicate with you via e-mail or phone, wait for responses to appear in your e-mail inbox or for your phone to ring! (depending on how you instructed willing sources to respond.)


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