Have the Boulder Police apprehended the assailant in the Hill shooting yet? … Did you know that one of the founding fathers of the Internet passed away over the weekend, and his name? … Do you know what Boulder road used to divide the Kansas Territory from the Nebraska Territory?

If you play the popular, free Qrank news/trivia/history quiz game app on an iPhone and have started playing the just-launched CU/Boulder-specific channel, you’ll know those answers and more. (No iPhone? A website version of the game will be available at CUIndependent.com very soon.)

The Digital Media Test Kitchen is collaborating with the CU Independent and Qrank developer Richochet Labs of Austin, Texas, to offer the quiz game centered around the University of Colorado and Boulder. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, CUIndependent.com is now posting a new game containing a dozen questions about the news published on the site, plus other statewide and national news, and with other trivia, historical, and fun questions mixed in.

CU Qrank-app channel

At this writing, the CU/Boulder-specific game is available only for iPhone (and wi-fi connected iPod Touch and iPad) users located within 25 miles of the CU-Boulder campus; if your device determines that you’re within that range, the CU quiz channel will appear on the Qrank app. (See the image at right for how this should look on an iPhone.) But the CU quiz soon will be included on the CU Independent website, also, as an alternative for those without iPhones. Richochet Labs is developing a version of the Qrank app for Android-OS phones, which is due out later this year.

CUIndependent.com editors want to help CU Qrank players perform well at the game, and score better than their friends. To provide assistance, they are placing tiny “Qrank” graphics atop any article that contains an answer found in the CU Qrank quiz. If you see that small image, expect to see a question about that article in the current CU/Boulder quiz.

Question from CU/Boulder Qrank quiz channel

Prizes will be offered in the future for winners of local quizzes, and some special live events around Boulder also are planned. As we (ahem) crank up our efforts, a new game will be offered every day that CU is in session, increased from the initial three days a week.

In addition to the local CU/Boulder game, Qrank offers a national quiz game that allows you to compete against your friends on Facebook, your local community, state, and players throughout the U.S. The Texas Tribune launched Qrank’s first localized media channel recently, with a politics- and government-focused quiz for the state of Texas. We are honored to be a part of the early roll-out and hope to see Richochet Labs expand the specialized quiz game to other colleges across the country — and increase news awareness and knowledge among college students.

From the Test Kitchen’s perspective, the CU/Boulder Qrank quiz is not just about having fun. As the researcher leading this project, I’ll be examining the impact of the Qrank local-news quiz on news awareness among players in the CU community. Can an engaging, fun, and addictive mobile quiz game create better-informed citizens? Perhaps.

The CU Independent, a student-run news service operating on the Boulder campus, is experimenting with a number of innovative and new ways to present the news that impacts the University of Colorado community. Check out the editor-in-chief’s and staff answers to your questions on Vyou.com, for example. Or try your hand at predicting future news outcomes via CUIndependent.com’s partnership with Prediculous. Such initiatives are part of a process for CUIndependent.com to evolve to become more than just a “newspaper published online.”

And yes, the police have a man in custody accused of killing Todd Walker; Internet pioneer Paul Baran was 84 when he passed away; and the 40th parellel became the Baseline road for surveying the western portion of the two territories. Good luck playing the CU/Boulder edition of Qrank!

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