For February, I have been humbled to be the host (a.k.a., ringmaster) of the Carnival of Journalism, a monthly all-invited blogfest of journalism thinkers. This virtual gathering convenes once a month, thanks to the continued commitment of Digidave (a.k.a., David Cohn) to keep it going. Hurray, David!

As temporary host, I asked anyone willing to answer:

What emerging technology or digital trend do you think will have a significant impact on journalism in the year or two ahead? And how do you see it playing out in terms of application by journalists, and impact?

The answers are in! … And, in the spirit of the question, I’m using Storify to present a curated presentation of the blog posts of those who answered the call. (Storify, after all, represents a couple key digital trends that show signs of continuing to accelerate: curation and crowd-sourcing.) … If I missed including yours, let me know and I’ll add it. (Note: If you have trouble seeing all of the embedded Storify below, try viewing it on


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6 Responses to ‘What will upend journalism next?’ Carnival-goers answer

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  3. JamesonHayes says:

    @gmarkham @DNewsKitchen Mark, if this will re-upend journalsim, does this mean journalism will be right side up and back on track? Woohoo!

  4. dentonrr says:

    @markbriggs will be speaking to my #journalism class in an hour and tomorrow at #ICJMTSymposium, excited to hear about J2.0!

  5. [...] The answers, definitely worth a look, are here. [...]

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