Areas of focus



The Digital News Test Kitchen primarily conducts research and development on behalf of the news industry, supporting the individual journalist, news entrepreneur, and non-profit news provider, all the way up to large established media companies.

We take a public-private approach, bringing together the resources of a major university and its Journalism & Mass Communication program with emerging-technology innovators and entrepreneurs in the private sector.

The team focuses on several primary areas:

  • Technology – We identify, test, and further develop promising emerging technologies that have potential for strengthening the news industry and providing new forms of news, information, and community interaction.
  • Techniques – We seek to develop and test new ways of presenting news in the digital era, discovering the strongest techniques for journalism to have an impact across a chaotic digital media landscape.
  • Business models – We develop and test business models to support news and journalism and replace historic models that no longer work in the digital media environment.

Our project teams consist of students and faculty from Journalism & Mass Communication and other academic disciplines across the CU campus, working with off-campus commercial technology and media companies and non-profit entities.

Intelligence and creativity must be brought together from the worlds of journalism, technology, and business — from the halls of academia and the offices of private enterprise — to invent the news of the future. That’s what we’re cooking up here.

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