Video production by Lucia Palmer

The Digital News Test Kitchen takes an innovative approach to addressing the market failure in public-interest journalism by bringing together student/faculty talent and resources at the University of Colorado with innovative media and bleeding-edge technology companies. Together, students, faculty, and off-campus professionals conduct research and develop new journalistic techniques, technologies, and business models to reinvent the news industry as it navigates through a turbulent transition period.

The Test Kitchen’s mission is to:

  • Identify and establish working relationships with innovative companies which have technology (existing or under development) that can be leveraged to address problems and opportunities in news and community information.
  • With these off-campus partners, identify, refine, and develop new techniques and solutions for presenting news and information in ways most appropriate for the digital media environment as it rapidly changes.
  • Utilize, advance, refine, and/or develop new technologies that can better inform a larger spectrum of society on consumers’ favored devices, and improve the news experience for modern consumers.
  • Devise, test, and conduct research on new business models to sustain news organizations — large and small, old and new, for- and non-profit — in order to ensure that citizens receive all the news and information necessary for effective self-governance and quality of life.
  • Identify those research results and solutions developed in the Test Kitchen that can be shared and implemented for the benefit of journalism and the news industry.
  • Jointly with our off-campus partners, develop simple-to-implement market versions of techniques, technologies, and business models — so that they may be put into practice quickly and efficiently — after they have emerged from the Test Kitchen.

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